Our quality policy

Önder Metal Machine Building Construction Industry Traed Joint Stock Co. goes on to increase it’s service capacity with the factory and machine investments, the countries that the company made an agreement and with experience, confidence gained in years.

It defined it’s trade philosophy as a service business net with a selling centered belief. Our company also sees the other companies working with it, as a part of solution partners and tries to create a solution and makes it possible fort hem to gain from time, decrease their cost increase their own productivity, avoid unnecessary investment, so our company is in the condition of industry that could be relied on by the customers to product qualified manufacturers in the marketing place.

As being the part of the solution partner our aim is to convert the project based solutions and the best qualified products on time to our customers with perfect service.

Thanks to buying sheet metals from the sheet metal factories in the country or outside the country without intermediary lower cost and a huge machine park also by preventing the manufacturers to spend time with manufactures Önder Metal provide motivation fort he manufacturers

We are presenting customized projects to our customers with the project service and project based production that is important part of our working standard.

To present the sheets with high resistance imported and high abrasion resistance in the designed conditions under the standards of perfect technology and best qualified equipment, the company products it’s goods in high quality.

To present our products perfectly to our customers. We are producting our goods in 4 different factory building and giving service with our experienced staff.